Unlike biomedicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats the whole person – both mind and body. All your bodily systems function as a whole and cannot be treated as separate systems without affecting other functions.  We all know this to be inherently true.

All treatments begin with a proper diagnosis, which begins with your first visit.  Plan on spending about 60 minutes to allow for a complete picture of your health and lifestyle including your emotional state, and specific symptoms you may have. The exam will include tongue and pulse examination whereby your body will provide us with clues regarding the underlying condition. Your first visit (with diagnosis) will end with an acupuncture treatment lasting another 30-45 minutes. 

If needed and desired,  an herbal formula may be prescribed. Herbs are usually prescribed in a balanced formula, where different herbs have supporting effects. Thousands of years of use and recent research have shown that a balanced formula is more effective than large doses of a single substance.

Typically acupuncture treatments are given once a week. However, if the condition is acute and painful, treatments may be given 2-3 times per week until the condition starts to come under control. The exact duration of treatment depends on the condition, your basic level of health, and how well you respond to acupuncture.