For acupuncture to be most effective, there is a complex strategy used to create bodily responses on many different levels. The first is the use of needles local to the area being treated.

Second is the targeting of the nerves that supply the area being treated at the spinal level.

Third, the use of classical Chinese acupuncture points known to have a direct or referred benefit to the condition being treated. Some of these points have yet to be fully explained or understood under the western medical model, but they usually correspond to major nerves and blood vessels. These points provide strong electro-neurological responses when stimulated with acupuncture needles.

The fourth is to use points that provide further reinforcement to the dysfunctional area, such as points in the ear. Finally needles can be used to directly affect muscles, joints, ligaments or other tissues involved in the assessed dysfunction.

A standard course of treatment consists of 1 weekly session for 10 weeks.  Changes in your bodily systems may be detected in 4 weeks.