My thoughts have been with each and every one of you during these unusual days of physical isolation. I miss you! Virtual hugs to you all! Since I have not yet mastered the art of slinging acupuncture needles from afar, I must share with you some things you can do for yourself.

COVID-19, in Chinese Traditional Medicine, brings a Cold Invasion that attacks the body's defenses embodied in our Wei Qi and Yang Qi. To fend off a Cold Invasion, we use heat. So stay warm and avoid getting chilled. Keep the back of your neck and shoulders covered.

Movement is important for Qi to move nourishment throughout your body. It is more important now that we keep up with exercising, walking, practicing Tai Chi or Qigong to maintain the good flow of Qi.

Use acupressure to strengthen our immune systems while we are home. Establish a daily routine to enjoy some self-massage or family massage on the following acupressure points several times a day to maintain your health.

In Chinese medicine, Zusanli, Stomach 36, is the one of the most important acupuncture points to enhance our immune system. It is a tonic when used by someone with a compromised immune system.

Lets locate Stomach 36:

4 fingers below the kneecap, one thumb width outside the tibia.

Massage with your thumb or index finger for about 30 seconds, several times a day. If you feel a “different” sensation – soreness, heaviness, a grab – then you have the right spot.

Other important acupuncture points are Guan Yuan Ren 4, Qi Hai Ren 6 are located in the Dantien area. They are around our navel. We call this area our body’s Power Station.

Daily, using your palm, with some sturdy pressure, massage clockwise for 30 seconds and counterclockwise for 30 seconds around your navel. This will return your scattered energy back to your body.

Another great area for boosting your immune system is your lower back. This is the bladder meridian in Chinese medicine where Yang energy is located. Using your palms or fists pressing firmly but slowly on this area moving up and down until you feel warmth. That's the result we want!

Until we see each other again, take care of yourself.

  •   Avoid getting chilled. Keep the back of your neck and shoulders covered.

  •   Move. Walk, exercise, tai chi, qigong, hike, bicycle, yoga, etc.

  •   Use acupressure at Zusanli Stomach 36, Diantien, and the low back

    bladder meridian. Make it a family activity.

  •   Maintain the appropriate social distancing.

  •   Wear a face mask - double mask if possible - if you have to go out.

  •   Stay Home. Stay Safe. We are in this together.