Rob’s Challenge Based Kinesiological Protocol may be of particular interest to individuals who would like to improve certain aspects of their performance.  For example, it is likely that a karate kick may be inhibited by an imbalance between thigh abductors (gluteus medius) and the adductors (vastus medialis).  If the muscles were  rebalanced, the side-kick will be higher and faster.

There is obvious benefit to specific Chiropractic in an actual injury situation.  Did you realize that most of the pain from a sprained ligament results from the joint moving beyond its normal range, even after the actual spraining incident?  It is common for people to recover from a sprained ankle within days (not weeks) after the foot is manipulated to take the strain off of the lateral ankle ligaments.  Rob has a lot of experience with sprained sacro-iliac ligaments; this is a very common injury.  Medical treatments for sprains usually include immobilization.  Rob’s type of Chiropractic allows a patient to move while they are healing thereby minimizing the chance of adhesions developing.